Welcome to my website! Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your state representative. It is an honor and a privilege to represent the 12th District. 

We have many challenges before us in Washington as we work to preserve and improve our state’s quality of life. We must be fiscally responsible and address our unsustainable budget, create a much more transparent and accountable government, preserve services for our state’s most vulnerable population and support our local governments. 

With the diversity of the 12th District comes a range of priorities to accurately reflect the needs of the region. We must protect natural resources, water and agriculture, while protecting our businesses as many continue to battle through economic uncertainty from pandemic lockdowns and unprecedented inflation. 

The maintenance and preservation of our transportation system is critical to move goods and services efficiently and effectively while we provide affordable housing options for those in need.  

We must not let partisanship hinder our progress, as we address these issues with practical, common-sense solutions.

Rep. Keith Goehner
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My Priorities

Providing tax relief and making life more affordable

The cost of living continues to go up for the citizens of Washington as we have seen increases in gas prices, inflation rates, housing, groceries and more. Unfortunately, while my colleagues and I have advocated for policies to provide tax relief or reduce the costs of living, the majority party continues to push policies increasing the cost of day-to-day expenses. Providing tax relief will benefit our small businesses, those on a fixed income and others struggling to make ends meet.

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Strengthening communities by making public safety a priority

We heard firsthand from law enforcement officials In North Central Washington about the consequences of the policing legislation passed in 2021. My colleagues and I provided key votes to roll back some of the legislation in 2022 to make our communities safer. However, we still have work to do. We must incorporate reasonable suspicion back into law enforcement officers' abilities to perform vehicular pursuits. This is critical for the public safety of our communities.

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Holding state government accountable

With continued record spending in Olympia, our state government must be held accountable for spending nearly all the record taxpayer dollars in our state coffers, and leaving very little for future emergencies. The majority party's most recent operating budget has more than doubled over the last decade and leaves little for emergency situations. Local governments are held to a higher standard when budgeting and the same standard should apply to the state.

See what my colleagues and I are doing to hold government accountable

Addressing critical transportation needs

Washington state is unable to keep up with road maintenance and preservation. Bridges are old and expensive to replace, many construction projects have been delayed, and railways are outdated. Also, state ferries are operating at reduced levels of service. We need new and innovative solutions to fund transportation to address infrastructure needs.

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Meet Keith Goehner

Keith is serving his third term representing the 12th District, which includes Chelan County, a small part of Douglas County, and parts of Snohomish and King counties. His priorities include transportation, affordable housing, public safety and addressing unfunded mandates on local government. Keith holds a Bachelor of Arts in...

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