Goehner legislation to further promote clean energy passes Finance Committee

Legislation promoting oil-free hydroelectric turbine technology passed the House Finance Committee in Olympia on Monday.

House Bill 2825, introduced by 12th District Rep. Keith Goehner, would provide a tax incentive for public utility districts who are replacing their turbines with oil-free adjustable blade hubs.

“Our region is blessed with an abundance of clean hydroelectric generated power. With the proper incentive, we have the ability to use this emerging technology to enhance our clean energy hydropower system,” said Goehner, R-Dryden. “As clean as our energy is, we can continue to advance technology to provide an even cleaner and safer environment, especially when it comes to energy production.”

The oil-free hydroelectric turbine technology has the potential to remove 90% of oil lubricant from systems, substantially reducing the potential for releases into rivers and waterways. For dams operated by Chelan County on the Columbia River it would eliminate 89% of the oil at the turbine hub at Rocky Reach Dam and 90% at Rock Island Dam.

“The incentive in this legislation should also encourage utilities to do further research and development since this is relatively new technology,” added Goehner.

The tax incentive, or exemption, would be limited to the state portion of the sales and use tax, and be made in the form of an annual remittance.

The bill passed the Finance Committee 11-1. It now heads to the House floor where it awaits a vote by the full state House of Representatives.


Washington State House Republican Communications