$45 million in 12th District projects included in capital budget approved by the House

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CONTACT: Kurt Hammond, Senior Public Information Officer for Rep. Keith Goehner | 360-786-7794
Kelley Payne, Senior Public Information Officer for Rep. Mike Steele | 360-786-7761

$45 million in 12th District projects included in capital budget approved by the House

Reps. Mike Steele and Keith Goehner announced the capital budget approved by the House late Friday includes more than $45 million in local infrastructure and construction projects for the 12th District.

The state's capital budget, also known as the construction or bricks and mortar budget, appropriates funding for land acquisitions, parks, broadband, construction and repair of public buildings, and other long-term investments.

Steele, R-Chelan and lead Republican on the House Capital Budget Committee, says the proposal, outlined in House Bill 1080, is historic. The plan invests $5.7 billion in projects, $3.5 billion of which is from the sale of general obligation bonds.

“This capital budget was designed to bolster pandemic recovery efforts. How we design our communities, the projects we fund, will shape the long-term trajectory of our economy for years to come,” continued Steele. “I'm fortunate to serve alongside Rep. Goehner. Together we were able to ensure numerous projects in the 12th District made it into this proposal.”

Goehner, R-Dryden, says the capital spending plan is a balanced approach for all of Washington.

“This House capital budget addresses the priorities and needs of our state while making local investments that benefit our region. Rep. Steele and the other capital budget writers did a great job of balancing what is needed in all corners of Washington state,” said Goehner. “In the 12th District it funds much-needed community projects and infrastructure improvements related to water, sewer, mental health and much more. I am pleased we were able to work together and bring a variety of important projects to our communities in North Central Washington.” 

The House capital budget proposal contains a wide range projects for the 12th District, including:

  • Seven Acres Foundation: $2.5 million
  • Rocky Reach Dam Turbine Hub: $1.03 million
  • Soap Lake Elementary Conversion to Early Learning Facility: $856,000
  • Coulee City Medical Clinic: $846,000
  • Leavenworth Ski Hill: $52,000
  • Manson Bay Old Swim Hole: $630,000
  • Okanogan County Agricultural Water Bank: $361,000
  • Nason Ridge Community Forest Acquisition: $3 million
  • Wenatchee Center for Technical Education and Innovation: $3.2 million

The House Bill 1080 was approved by a vote of XX to XX. It now heads to the Senate for further consideration.

The 105-day remote 2021 session is scheduled to end April 25.


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